Your Passion Matters

Who is Denzil Really?

Hi, I’m Denzil Otieno, an ambitious, passionate entrepreneur, freelancer, and certified online marketer. Passion is my primary trait; resilience, grit, and self-reliance are the other forces that push me to overcome the odds and leave my mark on whatever I do in life.

I began my writing career in 2018, and it wasn’t easy at all. Honestly, I could have succumbed to failure, but my resilience kept me going. My strength is not to yield to circumstance, but find my own path. I can work for any individual, big, or small business that wants to grow or establish itself because I am a freelancer, and this is my passion.

Now the bumpy ride has transformed into a smooth one. I’m making a decent income and not looking for conventional jobs. I’m investing online and in my skill set, hence I encourage you to take a leap of faith, trusting your instinct and go after your passion.

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My Background

The boy inside me was casual and not mindful but had dreams in open eyes even at a tender age while living in a small town. After many years, I found out that it’s not the destination but the journey that makes us the person we eventually become. And though my journey started from a small town, I knew I had to climb up the ladder.

My Take

If you work hard without thinking about the result but keep doing what you like, you will forge your destiny. The best way of achieving this goal is to turn your talent/hobby into your occupation. Imagine you are a gifted composer, a filmmaker, software engineer, a creative writer, an accountant, or a marketer but feel shackled to truly express yourself because you don’t have the right job or work environment. Freelancing is the way for you as it proved the way for me and became my passion.

I am like you, and you can be like me, you just have to unlock your passion wherever it lies.

You can’t be unprepared for life, living it as a mundane task of buying groceries; rather, you have to be thorough with your strategy to increase your odds for success.