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You’ve probably thought about how to start a succesful vlog, but you can’t figure out how to start vlogging the right way. 

You are skeptical, so you are consistently taking a rain check, and you are wondering when you will ever stop playing the devil’s advocate. 

Maybe…You need a little kick on the butt. 

Look, video marketing has become part and parcel of every business, and it’s time you jumped into the bandwagon because you are missing out on significant opportunities, both as a vlogger and as a business. 

According to YouTube, which is the most popular video search engine, more than one billion hours of video content is viewed on their platform every day. 

Additionally, Make A Website reveals that more than seventy-two hours of video content is uploaded every minute. 

The best of all is that more people are now craving for video content than never before. According to Oberlo, fifty-four percent of customers crave to watch more video content, especially from a brand they trust. 

how to vlog

And if you ask me, these are all awesome opportunities you can leverage. So how do you grab this opportunity presented to you? 

In this post, I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to start vlogging, then show you how you can make money vlogging

But before that, let me answer some questions most aspiring vloggers frequently ask. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Video Blogging

1. So what is vlogging?

Vlogging is the art of blogging in video format. In other words, it is the practice of documenting your everyday activities using videos. And this can be your diary or commentaries on various aspects of life and sharing the same vlogs with your audience.

2. Blog vs vlog – which is better? 

It’s one of the million-dollar questions that aspiring vloggers ask – Vlogs or blogs? Should you be a blogger or a vlogger? Which is better? Now, vlogs perform better than the latter, and this is because consumers find them more engaging than written content. 

That said, you can use vlogs in your blogs to engage your audience further. And you can do this by linking or attaching a video to your blog. According to a report by Oberlo, eighty-eight percent of consumers will spend more time on a blog with a video.


Furthermore, blogs can also be used as a media for promoting your vlog content. Still, vlogging does not go without its downsides. It is generally more expensive as it requires more time for editing and taking videos, sophisticated equipment to facilitate the same. At most times, they might need a more substantial budget than blogs.

3. Can vlogging make you money?

The simple answer is yes; you can make money vlogging. For example, most famous vloggers, such as day by day vlogs make money from the ads displayed on their videos, promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing to earn a commission. At the same time, some receive donations from well-wishers. 

A vlogger generates content and publishes it on Youtube, or any other vlogging platform such as TikTok. For example, YouTubers can choose which videos they want to monetize; then, YouTube will take forty-five percent of the earnings while the creator assumes the rest.

4. How much money can you make from vlogging?

Generally, the money vloggers make depends on the provenance of their audience. For example, the cost per thousand impressions, commonly known as CPM for most Youtube channels varies between $0.30 and $2.50. Thus most vloggers on Youtube generate about  $2.00 per thousand views except for a few making a little over  $3.00.

5. How much money can I make from 1 million YouTube views?

Your earnings will vary because YouTube does not have a standard figure for everyone. However, taking into account the various variables, it is estimated that you can make somewhere about $300-$2000 from ad revenue for a YouTube video with nearly 1 million views.

6. What happens when I get 100,000 subscribers on YouTube?

When you hit the 100,000 subscribers mark, YouTube will review your channel and see if you meet the criteria to be awarded the framed silver button. 

For example, you’ll be required to keep your accounts in good standing without copyright strikes, community guideline violations, or artificially increased subscriber counts. 

If you achieve this, YouTube will send you a notification in your creator studio and ask you to fill out a form with your contact details. Once you fill out the form, you’ll receive your silver play button a few months after.

7. Does YouTube pay for likes? 

At no time does YouTube pay for Likes on your videos. That is why YouTubers will always have to look for other means in which they can compensate vloggers.

8. Which is the best phone for Vlogging?

In April 2020, Apple launched its latest iPhone with a triple camera system, which a ton of people perceives as the best phone for vlogging. But that’s not true.

There are several phones in the market with arguably better or almost similar specs as compared to the iPhone 11 pro max, and you can acquire these phones at affordable rates. 

A good example is Huawei P30 PRO. It’s Leica rear camera has an even wider angle lens, which enables you to take clearer photos. Additionally, you can use this phone to capture small objects from a distance.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is another alternative. The phone has one of the best displays in the market, which occupies almost the entire front and can take videos of up to 1080p. This is more than you may need for a VLOG.

How to Start Vlogging – A Step By Step Guide  

As I mentioned earlier, I will be using YouTube as an example of a video blogging platform in this step by step guide. However, you can use the same steps to make vlogs for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any other platform available out there. 

Step 1: Research

To start you off, you need to do a little research. Find out what interests you. And once you comprehend your niche, look at your potential target audience. 

A little research also entails looking at your favorite YouTubers. Watch their content and analyze the details by noting unique elements in their videos.

For example, check out what they mainly record, how they edit their videos, whether or not they have an intro in their videos, and be sure to listen to the sound quality of their videos. 

Does it spike your interest at first? What type of background vlogging music do they use? Finally, it would also help to pay attention to the lengths of their videos. 

Step 2: Go out and start

You’ll need to create a YouTube channel using your Google account and BTW, having a google account does not automatically result in you having a Youtube channel

Sure, you can comment, share, and watch videos on Youtube using your google account, but you need a Youtube channel to create and share content. 

How to start vlogging on YouTube

Now, you are probably wondering how to start a vlogging channel on YouTube, but here’s the thing:

It’s quite straightforward.

In fact, it will just take five minutes or less of your time.

So below are the simple steps on how you can create a YouTube channel in five minutes or less:

  • Head over to and click ‘sign in‘ at the top right corner of the page. Next, you need to log in using your Google Account. 


  • At the top right corner of the screen, click on your profile icon and then the ‘Settings‘ icon.


  • Under your settings, you’ll see the option to “Create a Channel.” This link takes you to the Create Your YouTube Account page. Here, you have the option to create a personal or business channel. I recommend that you choose a business channel.


Next, you need to name your channel and select a category. The channel options available include Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organization, Arts, Entertainment, or Sports or Others.

Next, fill out all the information and create some channel art to get your page looking awesome.

And hurray! There you have it – your new vlogging account on YouTube, but what’s next? 

Step 3: Get Your Vlogging Equipment

What equipment do you need to start a YouTube channel? 

A carpenter is only as good as his tools!’ 

So how do you get the right tools? 

Quality equipment can be expensive, bearing in mind that the best cameras in the market range between $300 – $1200. However, you do not need to spend thousands on expensive cameras if you could access a good quality phone camera for a start.

Having a good camera is a must. Therefore, try as much as possible not to compromise on your most vital tool. 

What camera do youtubers use?

The camera you choose should have a high definition image quality and resolution. No one loves watching poor quality videos.

4K cameras are also great as they allow for large screen tv or full-screen high-resolution monitor display. Additionally, 4K cameras can capture high-quality 1080p videos, making your HD videos look better. 

Finally, digital photography has enabled cameras to have complex autofocus systems, which allows you to easily change your video camera settings and take many photos without worrying about the film cost or replacement. 

Below are some of the best vlogging cameras:

Canon powershot G7vlogging toolsSony Alpha A7 

vlogging toolsGoPro hero 5

vlogging toolsWhat about a tripod stand? 

You’ll also consider getting a tripod stand to help you position your camera and give it stability. If your budget allows, you can go ahead and purchase a microphone for high audio quality. So what are some of the considerations when buying a vlogging tripod stand? 

  • Functionality – The functionality of the tripod stand you want to purchase must meet all your requirements. Can it be able to support the weight of your camera? Can you extend it to some standard or retract it when need be?
  • Weight – I’m sure you will need a tripod stand that you can easily carry from one point to another. Vlogging can’t be vlogging when you can’t move from one place to another video shooting. 
  • Durability – You will need to get a tripod stand made of durable materials. Honestly, you’d not love the idea of continuously replacing your stands every time. That said, it would be best to look out for tripod stands made of aluminium. 
  • Price – This cannot miss on anybody’s list. Everyone would love to consider cost, even after considering the above. Check out for tripod stands that fall or range within your budget. Remember, you are starting, so don’t strain yourself. 

Sure, we have looked at the considerations when buying a tripod stand, but what are some of the best tripod stands in the market right now? 

Joby GorillaPod

Manfrotto Tripod

vlog toolsMagnus Tripod

Footpro 12″

how to start a vlog toolsSmartphone photography kit

vlogging ideasGet a good lighting system 

Three-point lighting is a basic photography light scenario that enables the subject to be lit from three angles, backlight, key light, and fill light. You can also use softbox lighting to soften the scene as sometimes natural light can cause a harsh glare on the subject’s face.

Ring lighting is mostly used by traveling or solo vloggers as you can easily set it up by attaching the travel rings on your phone and recording on the go. However, kindly note that this is not a must. Most YouTubers do fine without them.

Below are some excellent lighting systems you can use for your vlogging business: 

Inkeltech ring light

lighting for vloggingSoftbox lighting kit

vlogging for dummiesUmbrella lighting kit

how to start vloggingStep 4: Think of a Topic to Start You Off 

Believe it or not, your first video matters a lot if you want to become a successful vlogger. Hence, your first video topic must be creative and exciting as anything can get because this will act as an introduction to your channel.

You can think of topics to talk about by reading articles, watching other YouTubers vlogs, or simply talk about activities you are passionate about. 

Be careful not to duplicate content from other vlogs, as you can draw inspiration. Instead, work hard to maintain originality. Look for better ways to present your content in a unique manner that reflects your personality and style.

Once you have settled on a topic, script down relevant keywords to guide you through your vlogging, and act as a back-up in case you blackout in the course of filming. One caution, though – do not read directly from the script because this might make your video dull.

Step 5: Record Your Own Video

It is now time to create your first video. Quite often, the hardest part of the process and most first time vlog content creators get nervous when it gets to this step. Do not put too much pressure on yourself how long can a youtube video be or how perfect it should be because consistency will perfect your art in the long run. 

Additionally, be personal and engage your audience. Do not think of your audience as future numbers or statistics. Instead, join them by sharing your personal stories, allow them to express their thoughts by leaving comments, or answer their questions.

Finally, have fun and enjoy yourself. Do not be afraid to be yourself at teh front of the camera. Remember, you are not live, so take this opportunity to try out new things. Besides, you can always watch the footage later and edit out the things you do not like.

Step 6: Edit Your Video

What do most youtubers use to edit their videos?

It’s time to edit your raw footage into a finished video and get it ready for upload on YouTube.

There are a ton of video editing software options on the market for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Most Mac and Windows computers come with free video editing software – iMovie, which is fantastic for beginner editors and is also completely free. 

But you can pay for Adobe Premiere Pro CC or  Final Cut Pro X if you have a flexible budget. Additionally, you could also find great apps for iPhone and Android to use if you are using a phone to record your videos.

Pick out the most exciting parts of your vlog and compile them together into a cohesive story. Focus on making the video look as good as possible.

You can make a few tweaks, shorten the video not to exceed 20 minutes, perform color correction, add an intro or outro to your video if you have one, or balance the audio. But you will need to verify your phone number if you intend to upload videos of 15 minutes and longer on YouTube.

Step 7: Export Your Video

Exporting a video is the process of rendering the video project to a finished video file, which you can upload to YouTube. That said, you need to render your videos to be able to export it anywhere. You can check YouTube recommended settings so that you know how to render videos as per the YouTube standards.

Step 8: Upload Your Video to YouTube 

It’s time to get the vlog online!

Log into your YouTube channel and click the upload icon located on the right of the search bar. Then export your video file from your computer or drag the file directly into the upload box.

Your video will start uploading. But how long does it take to upload a video to youtube? Well, this may vary, depending on the length of your video.

As you wait for your video to upload, you can start optimizing it to ensure it is seen or visible to the search engines. Your video will go public after you hit the “Publish” button.

Choose your video title 

You can now enter a title which will be used for your YouTube listing.

Your title should be clear, concise, and fun.

Choose or create a video thumbnail

A thumbnail is a visual representation of your video. Usually, a thumbnail should make people curious and interested to want to watch your vlogs. Along with the video’s title, the thumbnail sends a signal to the viewer about the video’s content, so it can impact the number of clicks and views your video receives.

You can choose to upload, or custom generates your own thumbnail for the video. The YouTube Creator Studio can automatically select a thumbnail from a screenshot of your video. However, it is better to create your own custom thumbnail.

Check out the Creator Academy Report, which indicates that 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.  

And what should I write in my youtube channel description? 

Before you publish the video, write down some keywords that pertain to your vlog. Your video description plays a significant role in telling YouTube what your vlog is about, so they can rank it in their search engine. 

According to Google, the official character limit for YouTube video descriptions is 1,000 characters. So try to write a description of between 300 to 500 words and include some keywords. This will increase the chances of your video popping up on a results page for that query. 

If you choose to write a longer video description, keep in mind that YouTube only displays the first two or three lines of the text. That’s why it’s crucial to key in the most critical information. 

Step 9: Promote Your Vlog 

Now that you have uploaded your vlog, you are probably wondering how to increase your views. Well, do not expect to see a massive influx of viewers. At least not yet.

According to MerchDope, over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you want to beat this rush for views and get noticed, you have to promote your content. 

Sure, it does not matter how many videos you upload on Youtube, but what matters is how you put your vlogs right in front of your target audience. 

How to Become Famous on YouTube

1. Share your vlog on social media

The easiest way to promote your new vlog is by promoting it on your own social media profiles. Create social media accounts and invite your target to subscribe to your YouTube channel

Also, don’t hesitate to publish and promote them on social media once you have done a few vlogs. Share your vlog links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

2. Build an audience

It is mainly done by continually asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel. The chances are that your audience will watch, like, and or comment on your videos. This will build your reputation on YouTube, and your vlogs will start ranking higher. 

3. Collaborate with other vloggers and influencers

You can interview vloggers in your niche, collaborate with them, or work with influencers to cross-promote each other. This is an indirect technique and only works after you have a following. Check out more ways on how you can promote your vlogs and YouTube channel:

71 ways to get more views on Youtube. 

It’s Time to Make Money Vlogging 

So how are YouTubers paid?

To be able to monetize your Youtube channel, you need to have at least garnered 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last twelve months. 

Your YouTube channel will start to show ads, and you’ll get paid from the impressions and clicks on advertisements on their videos. But you should know that it might take some time to get approved by YouTube. 

Once you have been approved, you’ll have the freedom to decide what kind of ads you want to show on their videos. You’ll choose whether you want it skippable, non-skippable, or overlay ads. 

Generally, skippable and non-skippable ads generate more income than overlays as they play either at the start or in between your video. Overlay ads are placed at the bottom of the screen and thus are not the main focus of the viewer’s attention.

So how does it work?

Youtube picks the ads that will be playing on your video, and specific factors are taken into consideration when deciding this, for example:

  •     Demographics, Geography, and Language
  •     Audience and Interest

Once YouTube picks an ad, your video will be assigned a CPM and a CPC. As mentioned earlier, CPM is the marketing term used to denote the price of 1000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. 

For example, you can have one video with a CPM of $10.00 and another with a CPM of $2.00, all based on the factors mentioned above.

Note: CPM is money paid when viewers view the ad. Therefore, if a Youtube channel charges $2.00 CPM, that means the advertiser must pay $2.00 for every 1000 views of its ad.

Additionally, your video will be assigned a CPC. CPC is the actual price you pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign.  

Finally, YouTube will walk away with 45% of your revenue for allowing you to use the platform to make videos. Not bad, right? 

Google Adsense is Not the Only Paycheck!

You do not only get paid from ads on your videos. There are other different ways in which vloggers make money. It can be through sponsored posts, commission marketing (affiliates),  selling video LUTs, selling vlogger kits, and or selling photo presets.

1. Sponsored or paid posts 

Sponsored posts are video content created by companies to promote their business or brand on a specific vlogger‘s Youtube channel. The post can be a full-blown dedicated video or a 30-second sponsor mention.  

So how much should you charge for a sponsorship post? And the truth is that sponsorships will vary, depending on the type of Youtube channel you run. For example, is it content specific, or is it of a more generic nature? 

Also, what is the nature of your viewers? Are they willing buyers? 

Therefore, you’ll need to build your audience before you can attract the attention of brands who’d want you to help them market their businesses. Expert Tip: Having a loyal and reliable engagement will always attract brands. 

Finally, check out Youtubers branded content platforms to help you market your niche to potential brands as you continue to grow your audience. 

2. Affiliate links 

Affiliate links are also another way to build your income streams on YouTube. 

But how does it work?

You make money using affiliate links when you successfully refer someone to a product/ service, and they purchase within a specified time. 

Unlike sponsorship posts, they don’t generate much income as you don’t get paid for mentioning the product on your video. That means that you will only cash out once you get a successful referral to a product or service.

Several affiliate programs in the market use affiliate unique links to track referrals, once your users purchase products or services you promote. A good example is the Amazon Associates Program or the Amazon Influencers Program.

Click this link to register for the Amazon Associates Program or Amazon Influencers Program

So how does it work? 

You’ll be required to upload a video that is either showcasing a product, and in the description or comment section, you leave a trackable link that directs your viewers to your custom Amazon landing page. 

If anyone purchases a product on your vloggers custom Amazon page, Amazon pays a referral commission to you. 

You’ll not only get paid for items on your page, but you’ll also get a commission for all the items purchased on any Amazon site.

Welcome to 2020 Vlogging

The methods described above are more of the ordinary traditional ways. They still work, but with the growth of the industry, new and more innovative ideas on how to cash in on vlogs have emerged. 

1. Selling photo presets

A preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a specific look or style of your photo. 

Vloggers are, in essence, photographers, as vloggers need high-quality images along with videos. Hence, the chances that you might know how to use Lightroom presets are pretty high. 

Now here’s the thing:

Do people like the way you color your photos on Instagram or request the presets you used on a certain vlog on Youtube? If that’s the case, you can create your own presets on the Lightroom and sell them.

Using LightroomLightroom, develop your presets and save them on a Dropbox folder. Upload all the presets you have made and create a link for the same folder.

You can then send out the link to BigCartel or other websites suitable for selling individual pieces. You will receive a Paypal notification on your email once people buy your preset. Also, be sure to check out the Youtube tutorial about how to apply Lightroom presets to your video blogs.

2. Selling video LUTs 

Let’s start by defining what LUTs are. 

Well, LUTs, an acronym for “Look Up Tables,” are numbers recognized by software that alters the colors of images. These are usually known as filters.  

LUTs are commonly used as color grading presets. You can apply LUTs to create a common theme for your photos or videos on Instagram or Youtube. 

And color grading is a complex process, and thus adding LUTs to your footage may be relatively simple if you want to create top-notch color grades.

The good thing is that your subscribers or viewers might be interested in your good-looking LUTs and opt to buy them from you. For example, you can sell by-products of your vlogs. If you are great at video editing, you can give this a try. 

Look at Sverre Ryland Glomnes Youtube channel. He is a travel vlogger who creates impressive videos and then sells the LUTs, sound effects, and transitions on his videos on the Sellfy account

How to Get Famous on Youtube 

Vlog Ideas

Let’s face it: Youtubers continue to expand their income streams by continually growing their audience. Therefore, as you record, your videos always remind your viewers to Subscribe! Subscribe. 

As seen above, they do not result in direct income. Still, a significant and real audience attracts brands, and some can generate ad money by using affiliate links and or by watching ads before videos.

Also, remind them to like the videos they appreciate. YouTube takes into account the number of likes your vlog generates and uses that information to rank your videos high on the search results. 

If your videos consistently generate many likes, then YouTube will recognize that your video content is valuable to viewers, hence pushing it up.

Finally, reduce the viewing time. 

Vlogging Can Make You Money

I’m glad you now know how to start vlogging. And the good news is that you can make a decent income from your vlogs. So get out of your comfort zone and take action.  

I mean TODAY, like NOW! 

A word of caution, though. To know how to start vlogging is a big stepping stone, but you should know that it is not a get rich quick scheme, so exercise patience, and you will enjoy the benefits.

All the best in your vlogging endeavors, pal, and let me know if you have a vlog. Sure, I’ll be happy to follow you.

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