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Write at Home: 36 Freelance Writing Jobs in 2020

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If you are looking for freelance write at home opportunities, you are in the right place. In this post, I will show you 36 high-paying writing jobs.

In fact, I’ll show you new freelance write at home jobs you have never known (from number 30.) So if you want to know these new writing gigs, read to the end.

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That said, let’s dive in.

Types of Freelance Writing Jobs – Part-Time Writers Jobs

1. Product description writer jobs

Online store enthusiasts have an array of items they sell, and the truth is that most of these savvy suck at writing. So they’ll need a product description writer who can quickly condense product information into 80-150 words descriptions.

If you’re creative enough and comfortable writing short, clear descriptions fully optimized for SEO, these could be your work at home types of writing jobs. You can get product description jobs in freelancing writing sites like Upwork, job boards like Problogger, or social media job postings.

2. Content writer jobs from home

If you’re wondering what the highest paying writing jobs are, content writing jobs from home are among those high-paying write at home gigs you can find.

Content writing jobs are freelance writing assignments written to offer valuable information; to help a reader find a solution to a problem.

Over the years, content writers have developed more skills that have helped them remain more competitive. For example, content writers can now:

  • Create content
  • Proofread and edit content
  • Format and add visuals to content
  • Upload and publish content on a CMS like WordPress.

3. Script writing jobs

Video content is growing faster, and there’s no sign of it slowing down any soon. The best of all is that video productions, especially YouTube videos, need scripts.

As a scriptwriter, you will be writing words that video producers will use to create their videos. This type of writing gig is most familiar with the course creators or YouTubers who create videos regularly.

Writing script videos isn’t tight, and I don’t think it’s any different from writing a blog post. Maybe you’ll need to follow instructions to a tee while writing your video script.

4. Legal writers jobs

Lawyers are always busy people; plus, they suck real bad at writing. Because they are writing for an audience that’s not well-versed with their lingo, they’ll need a legal writer who can turn their jargon into simple and clear phrases their audience can digest.

Whether you’re a legal expert who loves spending free time doing some writing or you’re a paralegal practitioner, legal writing jobs can be a perfect match whether you want to write full-time or part-time.

5. Resume writing jobs remote

People are job-hunting every day, and job hunting isn’t job hunting without a perfect resume. That’s why the demand for resume writers have been on the rise recently.

Job seekers now want resume writers who can perfect their resumes and help them land their dream jobs. And the good news is that you earn some few bucks while your resume clients get their dream jobs.

And looking for resume writing gigs doesn’t have to be a challenge. Start by contacting friends and relatives to see if they need help with their resumes. Making them aware can help them be your army of marketers in the long run.

6. SEO writing jobs

To begin with: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Nearly every client’s success criteria are to rank high on the search engines, get more customers, and make more sales. As an SEO writer, your focus should be to help such clients create SEO-driven content that Google sees worthy of ranking high.

SEO is so broad that you don’t need to bug yourself, trying to know everything about SEO. Start slow and understand the fundamentals and then advance your skills. As an SEO writer, clients will mostly appreciate your capability to insert the keywords provided naturally.

In my opinion, every digital writer must-have SEO skills because it’s really on demand. If you check my profile, you will notice that I pose as an SEO content writer because SEO is just fun to me. Watching your work move up the search engine results is just phenomenal.

7. Magazine writers jobs

Magazine writing jobs can be a goldmine, but you need to be an exceptional writer to attract these jobs. These jobs take the form of articles and are more journalistic.

Additionally, there are specific criteria you will have to follow, depending on which magazine you pitch. For example, you will be required to write in line with the Canadian Press.

Pitching magazines can be a pain in the ass, but you don’t have to worry because I recently published a post on how you can pitch magazines like the big guys in the industry.

Finally, it is essential to give you an insight into your kind of prospects. Now, as a magazine writer, you’ll probably want to pitch trade publications in different niches depending on your niche.

8. Writing editing jobs

Creating a piece of content is just one step, and editing it is another step. Most writing clients prefer to hire professional editors as full-time writing jobs to help them polish their writing, and this is why.

Naturally, you will, in most cases, not be able to spot minor grammar or typo errors, so this is where a professional editor comes; to go through your writing and shape every damn sentence.

Editing can be categorized into three, namely proofreading, basic editing, and developmental editing. Proofreading is going through a piece of content to check for minor errors, such as commas, typos, etc.

Basic editing is when you do more than proofreading. Instead of just checking the typos and other minor errors, you also check for syntax and stats to see if they are accurate.

Finally, development editing is when you devote your time to check articles, identify typing and grammar errors, then changing sentence structures to make sure the content reads well.

10. Freelance article writing

Article writing is one of the best writing jobs you can do at home. The best of all is that you don’t need any experience to get started with freelance article writing.

Magazines and websites today rely on article writers to help them with their content needs. Unlike blogs, articles are not conversational but have a journalistic tone.

If you’re a complete beginner, you’d want to start sourcing for article writing gigs from freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork as you gain experience to handle more complex orders from magazines. Most clients hire part-time writers from these sites.

11. Blogging jobs (no experience)

Blog writing jobs are everywhere – from job boards to freelance sites like Upwork. And the truth is that blog writing is way more comfortable as compared to article writing.

This is because blog writing is opinionated and therefore, will take you less time to research. However, with the latest changes in the industry, blog posts can be more complex to include case studies and stats.

So before you get into blog writing, be sure to check out this post, I wrote differentiating between an article and blog and how blog writing and article writing has merged.

12. Ghostwriting jobs

And here comes ghostwriting, which is one of the lucrative writing careers. Ghostwriting is quite popular among freelance writing beginners. With ghostwriting, you won’t be credited for your work, but you will be paid for the task.

Most beginners are happy to work without being credited, while expert writers will always want to get their names featured on the pieces they create. The decision is yours, and you have control over choosing.

I see some experts in the industry claim that ghostwriting is only when you write for big magazines or publications, but this is not true.

You can ghostwrite even on freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr,, among others. In a nutshell, ghostwriting is writing for anyone and not getting credit for your work.

So it doesn’t matter who you write for or where you write. I recently wrote a post about how to become a ghostwriter. You can find it here and get started with ghostwriting immediately.

13. Technical writing jobs from home

This is one of the careers in writing that pay well and will require some bit of experience or academic credentials, but not a must. This is because most freelance clients prefer someone with a degree in English or have a degree in a required field, such as Engineering.

Technical writers are freelance writers who produce complex manual guides for companies. So you need to be able to simplify the technical words into sentences that people can easily understand. Additionally, you must make sure you have fact-checked your work because people reading such pieces are experts who can easily spot mistakes.

Lately, there’s a huge demand for technical writers. While many freelance article writers can create actionable and valuable content, there is still a deficit in the number who can research technical stuff and produce top-notch content without compromising quality.

Work from home technical writing jobs could include writing web development manuals, recruit manuals, technical product manuals, financial documents, legal documents, and software manuals, among other kinds of professional writing jobs.

Finally, you can get technical writing jobs from freelance marketplaces, such as Fiverr, Upwork, job boards, such as Probloggeror, through cold pitching clients directly through cold emailing. You can check out this post to help you pitch technical writing jobs.

14. Web writing jobs

Whether a startup or an established business, web content is a must-have for your website, and as the name suggests, these include content that’s available on sites. Because a website incorporates several pages, you may be hired as a web writer to develop content for the website.

As a web writer, you should be conversant with the homepage, about page, services page, FAQs, and more. These pages should convince your audience that you understand their needs. Meanwhile, there are no standard rates for web writing jobs as the pricing varies depending on the length and depth of the content. However, the prices can range from $50 to $75 per page, which is quite impressive.

15. News writing jobs

As a news writer, you need to provide up-to-date information in writing, which means that you’ll have to be updated with the daily happenings before anyone else does. It would also help if you were a fast writer; otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.

Typically, this is a freelance journalist who travels to different destinations to collect the original story. Unsurprisingly, local newspapers hire freelance journalists to interview people on specific accounts so you can write about them.

While this is a high-paying writing job, it is worth spending much of your time on. Just make sure that your schedule is always flexible in case of duty calls.

16. Gift guide write at home jobs

Gift guide writing jobs incorporate blog writing and product description writing. As such, many businesses, regardless of the size, use gift guides to monetize their brands while sharing them on social media platforms. However, the guides should be conversational and tailored to the target audience.

As a gift guide writer, you need to be conversant with blog writing or any other online writing for efficiency. Once you’ve understood the concepts, getting recurring jobs while working from home is a no brainer.

17. Real estate writing jobs

Real estate writing gigs include an array of projects, and as such, they may need experienced writers from different fields. And because real estate is a sales writing job, you may want to optimize your SEO content to attract potential clients.

As a real estate writer, you need to write content that attracts the most audience engagement. Therefore, the writer should be knowledgeable about the real estate industry to make the industry-specific. Because real estate writing gigs are demanding, rest assured of massive profits.

18. Grant writing jobs

Grant writing jobs include research proposals that request financial aid from government agencies. Usually, grant writers are hired by local universities, health facilities, non-profits, and social service.

The proposal requires you to write an application, giving reasons why they need financial assistance and their intentions. While this writing job is demanding, your help will be more useful to non-profit organizations once you have a solid understanding.

19. Social media writing jobs

Social media presence varies significantly depending on the type of business. Some businesses rely on social media, which needs them to update their accounts consistently. While this can be time-consuming for an entrepreneur, freelance writers come in handy to help with social media management.

Unsurprisingly, the company might hire you to handle a couple of tasks, including writing blog posts and editing blog posts besides managing their social media accounts. Lauren Spear, for example, helps Copyblogger with editing blog posts and managing their Twitter account.

20. Business plan writing jobs

New businesses are launched every day. And let’s face it – an entrepreneur can have a sound business mind but a poor writer.

And that’s where you come in handy as a business plan freelance writer. If you’re experienced in business planning and developing business plans proposals, this writing gig can be your cup of tea!

21. Copywriting write at home jobs

Online stores need someone who can incorporate creative ideas and write killer content that attracts the most audience engagement. As such, you need to have marketing psychology to help businesses with advocating their brand and products.

As a copywriter, your work is to create landing pages, sales pages, call-to-action, web copies, marketing campaigns, or any other content that prompts users to buy the products or services.

However, you’ll have to deal with the downside of copywriting as a one-time gig and not recurring. Even so, the client will always contact you for other copywriting jobs if they find your work worthwhile.

22. B2B writing jobs

This is perhaps the most crowded industry by freelance writers, and this is because the rules are more straightforward compared to the B2C sector. B2B means business-to-business, so you will be writing for businesses that sell to other companies. For example, you could write for GetResponse, who serve as email service providers to other companies.

There are a couple of B2B writing jobs – from startups looking forward to having an online presence to million-dollar companies like Bluehost, Namecheap, or Aweber. Small businesses are always in the hunt for ghostwriters who can help them create digital marketing content. This is an opportunity for you as a B2B ghostwriter to write for these businesses.

On the other hand, large businesses are always looking for expert content writers who can help them with their digital content marketing needs. These companies have a well-structured management system, and they tend to pay big compared to small businesses. So if you get an opportunity to write for companies, such as Namecheap will call for better pay.

23. Case study writing jobs

Case studies are an excellent way to lure more customers. And as such, many companies these days use case studies in their content marketing strategies. Case studies tend to showcase the success stories of past clients.

They show how a client can get results using a company’s product or service and how you can attain the same results. Case studies are motivating and can prompt customers to purchase a particular product or service.

As a case study writer, you will have to research the company and sometimes interview a few previous customers who were happy with the company’s product or service. From there, you can get creative and write a case study from your interview or research.

24. B2C writing jobs

We had earlier discussed B2B writing, but now we are on B2C writing. B2C is a business-to-customer industry. With this type of writing, you’ll need a little bit of creativity. This is because you are writing for companies that sell directly to consumers.

This means that you will have to tailor the content you create to the interests of the customers. Be as helpful as possible and make it easier for consumers to make an informed purchasing decision. This kind of writing will involve buying guides, especially the Amazon buying guides.

I recently landed a B2C gig on Upwork. This client was selling jewelry to customers, so she needed me to take charge of her digital content marketing needs. The first task was to write about the page, which had to center on her prospective buyers and not her.

25. Email marketing writing jobs

Email writing jobs are so common these days, and it is because companies now realize that money is in the list and that you can only practice permission marketing through email marketing.

Permission marketing is where people allow you to market to them. Ideally, your prospective buyers have issued their email addresses, which means they have permitted you to market.

The hunt for email copywriters has increased. So if you can write in a way that will make subscribers take action, then companies are looking for you. You can get email copywriting jobs on Upwork, job boards, or LinkedIn.
As an email copywriter, you will need to create weekly or monthly newsletters. These newsletters could be informational or sales depending on what your client wants. Additionally, you’ll need to know how to write catchy headlines that will boost open rates.

GetResponse is offering a free email certification program for customers who start their free trial and upgrades before their free trial ends. You don’t need to upgrade on day one to get the certification course. You just need to upgrade before the free trial ends. Try GetResponse for free here.

26. Course write at home jobs

Lots of online courses are being published online. Courses could either be in video content, text, audios, or slides. If you have created your course before, then it means that you can create online courses for others.

As a course writer, you will be tasked with writing courses for your clients and publishing them on online course platforms, such as Teachable, Thinkific, and other course platforms. Now, it is essential to note that you’ll ask your client a few questions to help you familiarise yourself with your client’s business.

27. White paper writing jobs

Tons of online businesses are using white papers as a marketing strategy. As such, the papers are designed to showcase the brand or services offered by the agency.

As a freelance writer, you may be required to write white papers on the common mistakes recruiters make when hiring employees. Therefore, these papers should take the academic format, which means that the writing should be formal and free from fluffs.

Also, white papers are high-paying writing gigs. While there are no standard rates, the average pricing starts from $5000 to $7000 but is very demanding. The only downside is that it’s a one-time gig unless the client hires you for a long-time project.

Again, white paper writing jobs are more profitable than blog writing because they incorporate creativity and skills, which are time-consuming.

28. Press release writing jobs

Just as the name suggests – this is a report addressed to the media. Tons of businesses are using it to announce their achievements, events, launches, and more. As a press writer, you need to write newsworthy content and publish it to the media.

Press releases are short with an average word count of up to 800 words, but you have to format them into pages. Usually, there is a format to write a press release, which is simple once you’ve understood the basics. This type of writing job from home is also lucrative – a company can pay up to $325 per release!

29. Ecommerce writing jobs

I’m guessing you must have heard about eCommerce writing jobs. Usually, eCommerce agencies incorporate piles of products and massive budgets just to publicize their brands in the competitive markets.

As such, eCommerce companies hire freelance writers to write web copies for their products or services, brand guides, buyers guides, product descriptions, and more.

Because it’s a sales company, your writing should be tailored to big distribution channels such as Amazon and social media platforms.

30. Book writing jobs

Content marketing is changing every day, and companies need to keep up with the current trends. As such, customers no longer leave their email addresses for just a simple “sign up for our newsletter” call-to-action. These days, customers need you to offer value before they can leave their email addresses.

This is why there has been a need for companies to look for ways on how they can offer a freebie in exchange for customers’ contact information. The best option is eBook downloads. Unfortunately, most companies are way too busy to create eBooks, so they hire ghostwriters to help them create eBooks.

eBooks are usually ghostwritten, which means that you won’t get credit for your writing. However, as a ghostwriter writing eBooks, you stand a chance to command better rates.

Finally, companies are not only in need of eBooks to offer as freebies. Some clients are looking forward to selling these eBooks on platforms, such as Amazon. For example, someone may want you to write for them an eBook about their life.

In this case, you will have to interview your client thoroughly and know more about him or her before writing.

31. Content structure writing jobs

I’m guessing this is new to you. In fact, I recently discovered that you could offer content structure writing jobs on Upwork. The best of all is that it pays decently. For example, you can charge up to $50 to create a content structure of 1000 words.

Instead of writing the entire 1000 words article or content, your work is to do research and structure content to make it flow naturally. Content structuring has become critical, especially now that most content creators can’t come up with excellent flowing content.

That is why companies or clients with a pool of writers will be happy to pay you to guide their writers through these content structures you create. So go ahead and create a content structure specialized profile on Upwork NOW!

32. Content brief write at home jobs

This is probably also new to most writers. Most clients don’t even know about it, but you can still upsell this service. Clients will be happy to pay more if you can give them direction on how best to approach a writing gig.

Let’s face it; most clients come to hire when they are clueless about what they want. So to make sure you are both at par, you need a content brief. Most established clients know about it and will provide you with one, but many won’t.

A content brief is a piece of document with all the guidelines you need as a content writer. It has the word count, the keywords, the competitors, the content structure, your linkreators, among other essential elements you will need as a writer.
Want to see how a content brief looks like? Download one from here.

33. Quiz writing jobs

Quiz writing is one of the excellent remote gigs. And let’s face it – most people prefer going through quizzes than reading the entire blog post.

As such, most marketers are beginning to use quizzes as a marketing strategy for their brands and social media.
If you want to attract tons of subscribers to your email marketing list, this might be your teacup. Also, this tactic will enhance emotional connections with your potential customers.

34. Review writing jobs

I must confess – I love review writing jobs. These writing jobs are recurrent, and you could bag thousands of dollars from just one client. In less than three months, I bagged more than $3000 from review writing jobs on Upwork.

Review writing jobs include writing Amazon products, comparing software or VPN services for companies. The reason these jobs are so frequent and recurrent is that they generate a lot of affiliate income.

35. Amazon book review write at home jobs

Now, this is kind of weird, but it is a writing gig nonetheless. Most clients are just setting their feet on Amazon and would like to entice more book buyers. Unfortunately, it’s hard to sell without decent reviews on Amazon.

So some clients will be more than willing to offer you their book, read a few chapters, and leave a review. Apart from providing you the eBook, they will also pay you for the decent review you leave after reading their book.

These gigs are not very common, but you will probably spot them on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer once in a while.

36. Greeting card write at home jobs

This type of writing is an excellent remote writing job that involves creating greeting cards for card companies or even art.

To find such jobs, do an in-depth online search on card companies that hire freelance writers to help create greeting card blurbs. A google such will help a long way for finding such companies.

Meanwhile, below are some of the card writing home companies that offer greeting card writing jobs:

Other Types of Writing Jobs

There are also other types of writing careers you could do from home, which includes:

  • Research writing jobs
  • Freelance fiction writing jobs/ Fiction writing jobs
  • Music writing jobs
  • Food writer jobs
  • Entertainment writing jobs
  • Story writer jobs – you can get paid to write about your life
  • Pet writing jobs

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